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Change Log


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

2021 December


  • Box for wealtor contacts by first name and last name
  • Wealtor Videos (12-09-2021)


  • Wealtor agent sites was erroring out on the Agent Featured Listings.
  • Contacts list was erroring out going down to far
  • Fix Wealtor Panos markers not updating
  • Adding a contact to transaction errored out

2021 November


  • Move all the old dashboard links over to direct the user to bigbearapps

  • Upgrade MLS to v2


  • Find out why mls is not syncing images

2021 October


  • Use the BigBearCDN on all the images & files
  • Use BigBearDomains for Wealtor Agent sites.
  • BigBearStats for Realtors


  • Transistion database over to BigBearApps.
  • Move to using faster modals for better performance.
  • Move old Wealtor Dashboard to use BigBearApps dashboard with a new API.
  • Transition Wealtor Agent accounts over to use BigBearAccounts.


  • Fix the view doc page not showing the document

  • Fix deal notes not showing on old ui


  • Update the auth token to a more secure storage mechanism.