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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

2021 December​


  • Improved the speed of sharing posts

2021 November​


  • When reposting make sure it doesn't inherit the current checkin.

  • When cloning meal it was deleting the parent image.

  • Combine all the duplicate restaurants in to the first one created.

  • Check the restaurant and server for undefined name and replace with white space.

  • Let users see meals that are public without erroring out.

  • Mobile notifications.

  • Share post is white screening.

  • Fix the checkout discount amount can’t be null.

  • Active check-in is not staying active.


  • Add the avg wait time for checked in to seated_at.

  • Restaurant searching to the filter list.

  • Server filtering to the search filter list.

  • Built robots to test the web app & mobile app so it's more stable.

  • Add image uploading to Restaurant menus, Server Reviews, Meals, Check-ins, Checkouts.

  • Add the restaurant name to the people boxes.

  • Add the text review to the show review info box.

  • Add where the user can checkin to a restaurant on the topbar.

  • Add meals to the check-in show. So people can see all the meals in that check-in.

  • Visual searching.

  • Favorite each person.

  • Favorite each restaurant.

  • Private data to the employees phone number, email ETC... for the user to have only.


  • Don't allow more than one clone of a meal.

  • Move all Mealinvy accounts to BigBearAccounts.

  • Move mealinvy from the old domain into BigBearApps.

  • Speed up the modals on the web and mobile apps.