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Update Deal


Going to show you how to update a deal in Goalpense.



The first step to create a goal is to go to the Goals on the Dashboard:


Click on the goal that you want to add a deal under.


Now you need to click on a deal.


Under Actions Box you should see Edit Deal button click it.


Now you will see fields to edit the deal.


  • Images - Upload images for this deal.
  • Name - A unique name to know what this deal is about.
  • About - A brief description of what this deal is about.
  • Price - How much is this deal worth?
  • Admin Fee.- Your Administration Fee to charge on this deal.
  • Commission Percentage - How much are you making?
  • Subtract Commission Percentage - How much is a company taking from what you're making?
  • Closed At - When is the deal done or expected to be?
  • Goal - Select the goal you want this deal linked to
  • Status - What status is this deal in?
  • Is Hidden From Breakdown? - You can pick whether you would like to hide this deal from the breakdown numbers.

Once you have field out everything you can press Save.


Congrats you have now updated the deal!