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Team Subscription


Easily manage your team's subscription. We use Stripe to manage your subscription on the web app.

How to use Team Subscription


Clicking on the Team Subscription below the Admin Console category. If you do not see the Admin Console you do not have access to the Team Subscription.


  • Change Plan: Change your team's plan.
  • Update Card: Update your team's primary credit card.
  • Cancel Subscription: Cancel your team's subscription.


Easily change your teams subscription anytime with proration.

  • Subscription: Click and pick a new plan.


  • Card Info: Update your team's primary credit card.


If you cancelled your subscription, you will be on a grace period.

  • Update Card: Update your team's primary credit card.
  • Resume Subscription: Resume your team's subscription.


See your subscription info and plan quotas.

Subscription Info

  • Renews On: This is the date your subscription will renew.
  • Subscription Type: This is how much your subscription costs.
  • Your Card: Last four digits of your credit card.
  • Your Brand: This is the brand of your credit card.
  • Plan ID: This is the ID of your plan.

Plan Quotas

  • Doors Today Usage: This is how many doors you have used today.
  • Max Images: This is the maximum number of images you can upload per door.


Click on any invoice to download it.