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Go Door Knocking


Add a door by clicking the "Go Door Knocking" box on the front of the app or website.




Once you go in there you can either tap or click the map & a box should popup to show you the address that you just clicked.


Click Yes if the address is correct or no if it's not the right address.

Once you clicked Yes you will have a screen that popup that says the address right under Google Address. This address came from Google Geocode so that's why it's named Google Address.


You also have the option to click "Add Address Manually" which lets you tweak the address to your liking.


Next is if you press in the wrong area you can move the marker around on mobile it moves with your finger & on the website you would need to hold down on the marker for it to move.


Now you have add info to the door.

  • Owner Name
  • Owner Phone Number
  • Owner Email
  • Answered Door (Yes or No)
  • Potential Client? (Yes or No)
  • Did you leave a Door Hanger? (Yes or No)
  • Status's which let you know what stage this door is in.
  • Notes about your visit
  • Tags (Example like twitter)


Predefined Status's are

  • Not Interested
  • Not Home
  • Go Back
  • Call Back
  • Appointment
  • Hot
  • Sold
  • Come Back Tomorrow You can also add a custom status to these!

All the status's have there own respective icon that matches the status of the door & you can see the icons on the map.


Then once you have the door all field out you can now press the Save button in green.

Now you should see the new door on the map with the status that you picked.


What are Doors?

They are the holder of the address, which is where the door is located. There can only be one door & they hold all the visits.

What are Visits?

Each time you visit a door you will collect visits with different info of how the visit went. You can have different statuses for each visit. The last updated status on a visit will be the current status of the door.