Edit Expense


Going to show you how to edit an expense in Goalpense.




The first step to create an expense is to go to the Expenses on the Dashboard:


Now you need to click one of your expenses that you're wanting to edit.



  • Search Expenses Box - This can search your current expenses that you have in Goalpense
  • Images - Upload images for this deal.
  • Name - A unique name to know what this deal is about.
  • About - A brief description of what this deal is about.
  • Cost - How much did this expense cost you.
  • Select Account - Link a current Account to this expense.
  • Select Merchant - Link a current Merchant to this expense.
  • Select Category - Link an existing Category to this expense.
  • Type - Is this expense Personal or Business?
  • Status - Are you buying? Is this Income? Is this a transfer?
  • Logged At - Pick the date you recorded this expense.

Once you have field out everything you can press Save.


Congrats you have now edited the expense!