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Spaces help you with filtering out your doors by each field. You can get a great understanding of your data & save spaces so you can always see your filters in the modules that you choose.





1. Go to dashboard & you will see the Spaces


When you click on the Spaces module you will be presented with being able to create your first space. The left action box inside you will see the Create Space button. On the right, you will see All Spaces when you create spaces they will show up in there. Let go ahead & click Create Space.


When you click on the Create Space you will be seeing:

  • Title - This is just the name of the space
  • Description - Helpful description of what space will do
  • Pick a Module - This is all the modules that are on the home page
  • Filter Type - That match-all filters & That match any filter


Just an example of what fields we field out before submitting.


Now you have a space set up & you should start seeing all your doors in the preview in the bottom right. You can start filtering out the preview to your liking by click Create Space Filter. If you want to edit any of the Info on the top right in the top left Actions Box you will see Edit Space.


I want to filter out the doors based on the address & only see Nashville, TN doors.

I add a Filter Name then Pick a Field that's the address filter out the field by Pick a Filter & then add the value that I want to filter by.


Now if you look at before & after it has now filtered out all the doors but the Nashville, TN one.


You can keep adding filters to it to filter by all the doors created or updated daily, weekly, monthly & yearly or add more filters to the owner name & notes ETC... 

Now, where is the filter at if I don't want to go into each space all the time to look at the preview? Go the Dashboard by clicking the Home button in the top right.


Now you can see the Doors In Nashville filter got put in the Doors Module.


So you can now see how powerful this feature is & it can help you know exactly what your data is.